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How to Avoid a Croissant By Alison Loyd

Some of you will see this title and think, “Why would you want to do that?” Others may find it pretty easy to understand. When you struggle with a food addiction, it’s never easy. Who

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Weight Lifting By: Alison Loyd

Plenty of people have compared the weights we can lift to the weights we carry in life, whether we call them weights, trials, or maybe even chains. This blog will look at how I lift weights a little differently,

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Balance. It Was Not on the List! By: Joanne Reuss-Kirtley

Life can be overwhelming and exhausting. There, I said it. I’m sure anyone reading this has thought the same at least once or twice. If you are like me, you might even think it hourly. The list of

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The Trouble with Buffets By: Alison Loyd

As a child, Ryan’s Steakhouse was a regular weekend dinner. That was buffet heaven! I could eat anything and as much as I wanted. Unlike when I ordered, I didn’t have to answer for my choices

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We All Need a Barnabas By: Harry Standley

Each morning when I come to work I check my email for any overnight issues and then I head out to walk the floor in the data center and then move across to the main building to make sure everything looks

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The Journey Training

Get a Buggy! By: Alison Loyd

It was 5 days before Christmas. I decided to brave TJ Maxx HomeGoods for the last of my shopping. Two hours later, I’m in the rather long checkout line. Ten registers, one queue line, an aisle of

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Let Go my Soul

“Let Go My Soul” By: Duncan Barrett Brown

“Letting go” seems to be a topic that we frequently hear but rarely grasp. At least that was the case for me, until I had no other options than to completely surrender my life. I was always the kid

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Back to School for Moms

Back to School….for Moms

Do you have a child just starting their first day of Kindergarten?  Are they in middle school or high school?  Are they beginning their senior year of High School or they just graduated and they are

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I vaguely remember being normal. I was 7 years old and in the second grade. That is the last time I remember being normal. Since then, I’ve been me. So exactly who am I? I am someone who has never taken

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Discover It

Discover It: By Eddie Scyffore

Prior to coming to The Journey Training I was irritable, controlling and severely discontented; I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew something needed to change. My life was steeped in fear coupled

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