Kareah talks about her experience attending The Journey Training.

Missy talks about her experience after going to The Journey Training. She was skeptical at first, but was surprised at the great results!

The Journey Training helped me in reconnecting to life experiences I had had as a child, that were effecting how I functioned with people and in my life. I had disconnected, and didn’t remember or realize how it effected my life and was holding me back from succeeding and overcoming.

“Tammie S,” Tulsa, OK

I was stuck. I was letting past financial mistakes rob me of the belief that I could ever be financially free. I attended The Journey Training’s Threshold and Crossroads programs. The experiential training had shown me how I could let myself off the hook for past financial decisions. Now, my wife and I pressed the reset button on our financial future and are moving forward with our new real estate investments.

"Ron V", Bartlesville OK

The Journey training made me realize I was standing at a crossroads in life and looking back instead of forward. Setting down heavy suitcases allowed me to propel in my purpose to greatness.

“D Looper”

The Journey Training really allowed me to work through some issues with my husband that I had been stuffing for 24 years and filled me with negative things. It’s never too late to walk in perfection or at least try.

“Kristin T”

This training made me feel again; It set me free emotionally, and gave me renewed hope.  I now have tools to keep my heart open and live the life God wants me to live- victorious and free.

“Kathy R”