Each morning when I come to work I check my email for any overnight issues and then I head out to walk the floor in the data center and then move across to the main building to make sure everything looks okay. This morning while I was in the data center I noticed a young man pushing a small box along the conveyor. The box was not quite heavy enough to take advantage of the moving wheels that could have taken it all the way to the truck for shipment. The box had a destination or purpose if you will.

Watching the box struggle and the young man pushing it periodically reminded me of our own lives at times. We may know our destination or purpose but sometimes we struggle to get there. I have a great wife and some great friends and when they see me struggling they come along side me and become my Barnabas – my encourager.

Do you know someone that could use a Barnabas? Do you need a Barnabas? Last night I spoke to a friend, someone that I admire very much for his wisdom and insight. I was sharing with him my purpose, passion, and desire to become a Life Coach. I shared the steps I had already taken and what I planned to do next. Everything he spoke to me just became more and more of an encouragement.

We often get stuck in ruts and are afraid to ask for help or encouragement. We start thinking to ourselves, “If I am struggling, it must not be for me.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, that kind of statement could be exactly what your enemy wants you to believe so you will not even try, let alone succeed. How many times do we give up because we can’t seem to figure something out on our own?

As an aspiring life coach, I’ve learned that it’s important to reach out and ask for help, especially if I believe in my heart this is my purpose and passion. Just like that box that was on the road to its destination, we all need encouragement at many times alone our own path. I used to just wait for opportunity to come to me… Not anymore! If I need a Barnabas, I will reach out. How about you?

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