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Trust – It’s Mostly About Me By Rhonda Wise

Trust, a word that I keep coming across a lot in my life lately. I don’t know about you, but when a word seems to reoccur in my life over a period of time, I finally ask myself and God, “Ok, what about

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Choices By: Alison Loyd

Have you ever spent the majority of a day in the airport? I had that experience not long ago, on my birthday no less! It was enough to come unglued, but thanks to the tools I received from The Journey

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Lose Your Quit!

Lose Your Quit

I was speaking at an event in New Orleans recently, and I told a story of a defining moment I had during my time on The Biggest Loser. I think it might be something that you need to hear, too. On The Biggest

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“Do What?”

I am a facilitator in The Journey Training. Recently, I was traveling to Tulsa for a training weekend and I had a layover at the Atlanta airport. I had several hours in between my flights so I got something

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Potential By: Alison Loyd

“In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well.” Romans 12:6 NLT              Is it better to have had and lost than to never have had at all? While

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#nofilter By: Alison Loyd

In our culture of Instagram and hashtags, people are always posting pictures with #nofilter.   The person posting the picture is promoting the fact that the picture hasn’t been edited. There is

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Letting Go!

Perspectives on Letting Go! By: Margo Hanne

Recently, letting go has been a recurring theme for me with all of its terrors and joys! As a tall lanky kid with naturally curly hair, I always envied my little blonde friend with straight hair. Last

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Professional development

Investments and Returns

I’ve found that investment always produces return. Sometimes it’s not what we expect, but the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changes form or is

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Things Unseen

Things Unseen

Have you ever thought everything’s going just fine, and then…BAM! You realize that you’ve been blind to things unseen? I have. It’s hard for us to realize that there are things that we just don’t

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The Journey Training

Can You Start a Fire?

We all have something inside of us that we never knew was there. It is a force…an inner strength that is sleeping, just waiting to be wakened. You may not know it’s there, but it is. All you have

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