Making Your Marriage remarkable!  It’s SUPER easy!  One thing I am good at is taking a normal thing, and making it explode.  Make it huge, make it……remarkable.  Think about this.  There is a reason you remember certain things; it stirred you emotionally. It made you laugh, it made you cry, it made you mad, get the point?

Making Your Marriage Remarkable!Last week was our 21st wedding anniversary.  I am a huge believer that everything we do must have balance.  Recently, my wife and I made financial decisions and it put us in a position of being tight on funds.  On top of that, my Chick-fil-A location was closed for a remodel so that did not help the situation. I was actually stressing out quite a bit, I wanted my bride to feel cherished, and important.  What would it say if I said “Can we do ramen noodles for our anniversary dinner?”

Fortunately I have an AWESOME wife, she mentioned she had gone through several boxes and found a bunch of different gift cards and suggested we use them. We then combined all her and my cards.  We had everything from gift cards for make up to Toys-R-Us, to massages.

At one point we actually thought about just going to dinner, and coming home.  We had a lot to do in order to get ready for The Journey Training, and we were about to give up.  At that point I pushed forward and suggested a couple of things, starting with dinner. Noell had posted it on FB, and we had gotten some suggestions, so we decided to take action.

We chose The Vintage Pearl first. My wife loves their jewelry, and we had fun looking at everything and finished it with her getting a necklace and us spending $0.

We then went to Waterfront Grill,  Chef Jimmy Blacketer is a friend of mine, and his team was awesome.  We used a GC that Noell had, and paid $0. Noell let me order for her, and while we were at dinner we created a plan for the rest of the evening.

Next stop Toys R Us- We had 2 gift certificates for there for some reason, so we found a 24-inch stand up batman that we bought for fun and to give to one of our kids.

Then we went to Mardel’s, and got a Willow Tree figurine, to add to my wife’s collection.  All along this journey we took selfies of us, and now of us and Batman, to entertain everyone on FB.

Making Your Marriage Remarkable!We then went to Wal-Mart to get one of our great friends a pack of depends.  Yes, we said depends.  We joke with her all the time about her bladder size, so we used our GC for Wal-Mart and got some depends for her.

Our 2nd to last stop was Freckles Frozen Custard, we got some custard for us, and for our kids.  Then we went home, and I did not have a gift card for what came next……

Here are a couple of tips:

  • When are you going on a date?  Oh, you don’t have time?  When I bought S. Truett Cathy  he said to me, you can always tell what is important to a man when you look at where they invest their treasure, (of course we mean money) and where they put their time.  If you want your marriage to be remarkable, spend time on it.
  • Take time to plan.  Life is too busy, we tend to try to make life plans while were dropping off the kids, or making dinner.  I GUARANTEE if you spent 30 minutes, un-interrupted, you could make some of the coolest dates.  If you don’t believe it, try it, and if you still cant think of anything, call me.  918-606-1068

It does not have to cost much. Incredible dates, or “REMARK”able moments are due to something special, not something you had to pay for.  Seriously, geMaking Your Marriage Remarkable!t out a guide book from any Tulsa hotel, it give you tons of free listings, but then, how do you make it REMARKABLE? As Winnie The Pooh says….”think, think, think…”

Your spouse wants to know you LOVE them.  It’s about time with them.

You want a remarkable marriage? Create it!!

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