A few years ago I bought S. Truett Cathy. Yes. The founder of Chick-fil-A. I bought him. Here’s how it went down…Truett had organized a fundraiser for Winshape Foundation and one of the activities was an auction where the prize was a weekend with Truett himself. I jumped in on the bidding and I actually won! So I jokingly refer to it as “when I bought Truett Cathy.”I took my 10 year old son Connor with me, hoping this billionaire would inspire him. But in the end, I got as much if not more out of the trip than Connor did.

The first thing we did was visit the Chick-fil-A home office. One of our favorite things was the car collection. There are a number of cool cars, but none topped… (wait for it)…. The Batmobile! They actually have The Batmobile from the 2nd Batman movie with Michael Keaton. Next we went to see Truett’s farm and his two HUGE barns. I use the word “barns” loosely, because these were not normal “barns.” They have concrete floors, great lighting, they’re super clean, and they are filled with more than 50 cars. Totally cool!

While we walked, Truett talked about something very insightful that I will never forget. He spoke about how people waste so much money getting the things that they want. They get loans and they create risk for themselves and their families rather than the slower and safer route of saving and investing to reach their dreams. At the time Truett was 83 years old and mentioned that he was 70 before he started his car collection. His point was that if we waited and did things right, we could have many of the things we dreamed about.Is there anything that you’re pursuing right now that you should wait until later to have? Do the math. What could it cost you to be in such a hurry? And what could it save you if you waited?

Right now I am waiting for my dream car to arrive. My 1969 Ford Mustang GT 500 is almost finished and it will be arriving any day. I am excited about being able to drive it. I am also excited that I waited until the right time.

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