In The Journey Training, one thing we encourage people to look at is their own value. How many of us have have been told that we are worthless? How often have people made fun of us, called us names, laughed at our mistakes, or ridiculed decisions we’ve made?

Too often we take these things in and use them to assess our self-worth.

I saw a great illustration of this once. A speaker took an old, used $50 bill and asked, “Who wants this $50?” Everyone in the room raised their hand. Then he proceeded to crumple it up, throw it around, stomp on it, and curse at it. When we was done, the bill was wrinkled, crumpled, partially torn in the middle, and missing a corner. There was even a brown stain on it that probably came from whatever was on the bottom of his shoe.

To the quiet room he asked again, “Who wants this?”

Every person in the room still said “Yes!” Why? Because no matter what it had gone through, it didn’t lose it’s value.

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through, you have the ability to love. You have the ability to inspire, to help, to give, to encourage. You have incredible value. You just have to make the choice to believe it and to act on that belief.

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