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Trust – It’s Mostly About Me By Rhonda Wise

Trust, a word that I keep coming across a lot in my life lately. I don’t know about you, but when a word seems to reoccur in my life over a period of time, I finally ask myself and God, “Ok, what about

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Boiling Like a Frog By: Alison Loyd

Fear, shame, anger, and heartbreak…all emotions I felt in one week. By Friday, I was exhausted. By Saturday, I was aware of how much better I was for them. The fear arose from a health scare of someone

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Slow your Cuckoo

Slow down your Cuckoo

In my Simply Lose It Society Coaching Group’s last phone call, we explored some important things. We envisioned what our perfect year would look like next year. When we read our paragraphs to each other

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“Do What?”

I am a facilitator in The Journey Training. Recently, I was traveling to Tulsa for a training weekend and I had a layover at the Atlanta airport. I had several hours in between my flights so I got something

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The Right Perspective

The Right Perspective By: Alison Loyd

People all over the country debate politics, religion, and morality. My friends?  We debate over the location of a bathroom. Four years ago, two friends and I were at the Rose and Crown Tavern when one

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#nofilter By: Alison Loyd

In our culture of Instagram and hashtags, people are always posting pictures with #nofilter.   The person posting the picture is promoting the fact that the picture hasn’t been edited. There is

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I vaguely remember being normal. I was 7 years old and in the second grade. That is the last time I remember being normal. Since then, I’ve been me. So exactly who am I? I am someone who has never taken

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Worry Steals Joy

Worry Steals Joy By: Sheila Dewald

I am so thankful for the times in life when the light bulb comes on – the champion moments that occur when we least expect them. I didn’t think visiting my lifelong “bestie” in Wichita would be

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Rhonda Wise

Dreams, Curveballs and Wonder Woman By: Rhonda Wise

So, our lives don’t always end up looking like our dreams that we had as small children, right?  Life sure can throw curveballs! I mean, if you had asked me as an 8 year old, where I would be in my

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Tech Support

Tech Support by: Amy Deering

I went to a get-together last night that made me start thinking. The question was asked, “What is worship to you?” As I sat and listened to the different responses, one part of everyone’s answer

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