Where Is My Ministry?

Where Is My Ministry?

I’ve heard people say, “Where is my ministry?” or “I don’t understand why God doesn’t use me more.”  Many people try to build a platform to minister from and become frustrated. Maybe they’re missing it. Let me explain.

This is simply a perspective moment.

In The Journey Training we talk about seeing a different perspective of your situation.  You may have a blind spot that is keeping you stuck. 

Matthew 25:23 says, “You have been faithful with few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”  Are you meant to pastor a church?  Maybe. Where do you start? You start exactly where you are; you simply take a step and, in turn, take responsibility.

I needed to pay a house payment and had no work. I was worried.  I thought, “How will I make this payment?” Then and idea came to me.  People had often asked me if I trained people. I guess when you lose 239 pounds and keep it off, other people want that, too.  I decided to begin a bootcamp here in town. I called it “Simply Lose It”, which is the name of a health program I am releasing this year on QVC. Twelve people signed up, and I was able to make that payment!  In turn, I had a responsibility – to those twelve people. 

Simply Lose it is in its fourth session, and I see something happening. I am caring for people; helping them progress physically, and also spiritually. I speak encouragement to them! I am seeing them succeed. Let me share a message from one of my participants just two weeks in: “Thanks for sharing the talk at the end; I cannot express my appreciation enough for you doing this bootcamp. You have changed my life probably more than you will ever know. I will never go back to the fat, lazy, unhappy person I was just a few weeks ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

You see, God has given me my Bootcamp, and the people in it. I have changed my perspective to see it is a ministry. Not a church. Not a lucrative business. (YET!) But God has entrusted me with a few dozen very special people, and I will be as faithful to them as I can.

Maybe you need to change your perspective and see that your ministry is exactly where you are.

It’s where you work, where you play, in your home, and it’s the next person you meet. If you are “faithful with few things,” you’ll end up stepping into many. You’ll find the answer to “Where is my ministry?”  And you won’t be trying so hard to build that platform. It will just kind of build itself!

Simply Lose It Bootcamp is run by Danny Cahill.

  • When: Monday – Thursday & Saturday (Generally 5 weekly sessions)
  • Cost: $99 per month for up to 3 weekly sessions, or $119 for unlimited
  • Where: Fitness Together 97th & Riverside, Fitness Together Downtown Tulsa, Outside at several different Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and Bixby parks.
  • Info: Email Danny@TheDannyCahill.com

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