Getting Out of a Rut

Getting Out of a Rut

I remember a story I once heard my friend Brian Klemmer tell. It went something like this:

Once there was a frog named Andy Average frog. He fell into a rut left by a wagon in a rainstorm. He tried and tried, but he just couldn’t jump out of the rut! It was just too deep. Then Freddy Fabulous frog hopped up. He asked, “Hey down there! What are you doing in that rut? Jump out!” Andy Average frog answered, “I’ve tried, but it’s just too deep. I can’t jump high enough to get out!” Freddy Fabulous frog was perplexed.

“Sure you can,” he said, “Just do a double back flip tuck jump out!” He then jumped down into the rut and did a double back flip tuck jump out of the rut. Andy Average frog tried, but he hit the side of the rut and slid back in. Freddy Fabulous frog said, “Well, just to a triple-gainer out of the rut! Here, I’ll show you!” He jumped down into the rut and did a triple gainer out of the rut. Andy Average frog tried, but again he hit the side and slid back in. Freddy Fabulous frog became frustrated and said, “Well, I hope you get out. I gotta go down to the pond and see what’s up!”

About 30 minutes later, Freddy Fabulous frog was down at the pond when along came Andy Average frog. Freddy Fabulous frog smiled, “How did you get out! Did you do the double back flip tuck jump out or the triple gainer?”

Any Average frog answered, “Neither.” Freddy Fabulous frog then asked, “Well, how in the world did you get out of that rut?” Andy Average frog answered, “Well, another wagon came along and the wheels were in the rut. It was either get out or get squashed! So I just got out!”

The moral of this story is when you really want to get something done, apply a little pressure and you’ll be surprised what you are capable of doing!

Imagine your situation right now. In some area of your life, you may be in a rut. Well, it’s time to get out of that rut. The situation you’re in isn’t all bad, because it will make you grow. If you didn’t have to work to get out, you’d probably just stay in the rut! Birds have to peck their way out of their egg. A seed has to push its way through the dirt to the surface to be what it was meant to be. A rubber band doesn’t go very far if it’s not stretched on your finger! And the farther you stretch it, the farther it goes! A ball doesn’t bounce very high if it’s not thrown hard against the ground. And the same applies to you. So apply a little pressure, a little urgency, a little accountability to get you out of your rut!
I’ll bet you’ll get out in no time!

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