Pride Cometh Before… A Sunburn?

A few weeks ago my 12 year old son played in a soccer tournament. It was 105˚ outside and most of the parents had all their chairs huddled in the shade of a large tree. The temperature in the shade was almost 20˚ lower than in the sun, so obviously this tree created some prime real estate. When the occasional light breeze blew through it felt like someone turned on the AC. Some parents who camped out beyond the reach of the tree’s branches still enjoyed shade, but the had to move often as the sun rose into the sky. My wife and I were among the sun’s first victims and we were forced to move toward the huddled masses nearer to the tree’s base to avoid getting sunburned in short order. As My wife and I were the first to get left out of the shade and had to move. As we shuffled our chairs toward the others, a few questions popped into my mind… Am I going to be in the way of someone else who’s trying to watch the games? Are they going to think I am a wimp for moving?

Although I can be the crazy, out-of-the-box, make-it-happen guy, I still get self-conscious at times. But courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is the willingness to move in spite of your fear.

How often do circumstances like the shade moving cause trouble for us, but we refuse to move because of what others might think?

When this happens to you, what is your normal response?

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