What Are You Planting in your Garden? By Rhonda Wise

What Are You Planting in your Garden? By Rhonda Wise

It’s spring and I hear many people talking about planting flowers and prepping gardens.  Have you ever planted a garden?  If so, were you successful at your attempt?

Let me ask you some other questions.

  • If you planted a corn seed did you expect to harvest tomatoes?
  • Did you plan ahead to decide what kind of results you wanted from your garden before you started randomly throwing seeds in the ground?
  • Once the seeds were in the ground, did you just forget about them and hope for the best, or did you have to care for them?

As I was thinking about my friends and those that I know have been successful at having gardens, I started comparing it to my life.  Successful gardeners start with a plan – they start with the end in mind.  You have to know what kind of fruits and vegetables and you want to end up with and then make a plan for the care and maintenance of them.  Then, you have to get the right seeds in order to get the desired result.

Do you have a plan for your life?  Do you know what kind of life you want to have?  In The Journey Training, I learned that I was living too often on autopilot, expecting my life to just work itself out without having a plan.  Not only was I not picking the seeds that would give me the desired results, I was allowing others to plant seeds that I didn’t want in my life.  The “seeds” I’m talking about are thoughts and beliefs.  I believed negative or limiting things about myself that were not going to get me the life I desired.  The Journey Training helped me replace those thoughts with “seeds” that would take me closer to the life that I really wanted and helped me make an outline of a plan to get to my dreams.

I now have a plan and I start out every day nurturing the seeds that will produce my dreams.  I tell myself things like:

  • I am a bold, beautiful, and balanced woman after God’s own heart!
  • I am a child of the King!
  • I walk in abundance and always have more than enough!
  • I choose joy today!
  • I choose to live fully engaged and pursuing my purpose and passion!
  • I make a difference in the lives I touch!

In this way, I am nurturing the seeds of my dreams and starting to see them grow and develop in new ways.

I encourage you to think and dream about what you want your life to be and start taking steps today to plant and nurture the seeds that will grow into those dreams.  Take it one day at a time and have patience and watch your dreams grow.