Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

From the moment we are  born, our experiences begin to “program” the computer we call our brain.  When we cry, our mother usually ran into the room to nurture us. When we got a little older, we learned what “NO!” meant.  Our programming tells us not to put our hand on a hot stove or hit our hand with a hammer. Our experiences help form our beliefs about ourselves. Having positive experiences will lend to knowing who we are. Negative experiences can and will most likely lead to an identity crisis.

Theses experiences define how we make our daily choices. Our brain is an incredible thing! It can “tune out” almost everything around us and allow us to focus on a specific task – even if we still see or hear our environment! Our brains were designed to be able to react. It’s a survival mechanism, a reflex. Some things are out of our control like breathing, our heart beats or our digestive system.  This is good! I would  hate to forget to make my heart beat! As often as I lose my keys, I’d be a dead man by now!

So what happens when you do things based on a belief? Great things if what we believe is true. But what if it’s a “false belief” or what if we are ignorant of our true identity?

A young woman is preparing dinner. She takes a ham and chops it in half before putting it in a pot. Her daughter asks, “Why did you chop the ham in half mommy?” The mother responds, “I don’t know, it’s just how my mother always prepared it.”  Later, she asked her mom why she did that. To her surprise, her mother responds, “My pot was too small for the ham, so I had to chop it in half so it would fit in the pot.” The young woman had been doing it for years, and didn’t even need to! What we do every day just becomes normal.

In the tale of King Arthur, all you had to do was pull the sword from the stone to reveal your identity as King! People all around would try and no one could do it! Arthur, a young peasant boy, passed by the sword every day. He never tried to pull Excalibur from the stone. Why?  He didn’t know his true identity.  His programs and false beliefs kept him from his rightful place on the throne.

What could be holding you back from your destiny? It could be a program you don’t even know exists. A program that taught your sub conscience to have a false belief that causes you to walk by your own Excalibur moment!  It might be an identity crisis that causes you to never really know your true identity – and with that, the knowledge and belief of all you are capable of. You could be stuck in “The Matrix.”

In The Journey Training, we explore programs, false or limiting beliefs, and even who we think we are to help uncover a life that we’ve always wanted! Each weekend, it is amazing how many people we watch have their “Excalibur Moment” and uncover things that were holding them back from their dreams.  Join our next Threshold class and take the time to explore your identity, and find out just who you really are! I have a feeling it may surprise you!


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