“Journey” by Duncan Barrett Brown

“Journey” by Duncan Barrett Brown

You are standing at a fork in the road for the first time in your life.

On one side you see a road that you have taken a thousand times,

That leads you to your safe place or your comfort zone,

The only thing that you are used to.

But deep down, you know, that this road is not good enough for you.

This road has holes, debris and misfortune and it has always felt so wrong.

You have always dreamed to take another road, but you never had the guts.

Because that first road has a hold of you, and pieces of your heart lay there in its ruts.

You have tried so long to get away,

But the fear of the unknown keeps you afraid.

Even though the first road is eating at your soul,

There is something greater for you and this is all you know.

But you never felt worth it, to just get up and go.

You stand here at a fork in the road, you finally see another way.

Take a breath and just start walking, the choice is yours today.

Never let yourself go back to that old life

Forget your hurt and all the strife.

Leave it in the ashes, it’s not yours to carry again.

Take a step and fight for yourself, you are in it for the win.

Now, you are looking at your new path, remembering how much you have overcome.

Don’t’ forget you’re not alone, and never walk, but run.

Because, you see you’re with a God who in your battle has ALREADY won.

So, what are you waiting for?

This right here is what you have dreamed of, to be and have more.

Your crossroads will be ending; your new life will begin.

The old me, I used to be, I no longer will defend.

It’s almost time to say goodbye,

You are now a champion who left your enemy here to die.

As we go our separate ways,

My love and pride for you always stays.

Because we killed our fears together,

There is no storm that we cannot weather.

Standing at a fork in the road,

It’s your choice where to go.

Accept that you are worth it, that I truly know.

I see the gifts within you, don’t be afraid to let them show.

When you truly value you,

I promise that your dreams are soon to follow through.

Tomorrow is your destiny; don’t let it go to waste.

The victory is already yours, you can feel it, smell and taste.

You are loved and you are free.

Know your worth, and lead the way to the child of God you have been waiting to be.

Take care of you first, fill the shoes of the one that you were specifically created to be.

From the ashes, you are a Phoenix, reborn and set free.

Spread those wings and you will see,

That a life of purpose is waiting for you, after the first step of your new Journey.

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Find Your Passion and Purpose

Find Your Passion and Purpose

Let’s turn the clock back to your childhood.
Remember the house you grew up in? What did it look like? What smells were there? Did it have paint or wall paper? Did you have a backyard to play in? Where was your bedroom?

Now let’s revisit your hopes and dreams.
What was it you wanted to do? Did you want to become a veterinarian or be a musician? You may have wanted to be a teacher, astronaut, pilot or even the President of the United States! Where did those dreams and passions go?

I believe that they are still there, along with the belief that you could actually achieve them. You just left them behind – just a dream put on a shelf, just a thought you put away. The great news is that you can wake those dreams up again and on some level find success in the very things you always wanted to do! It just may not look exactly like you thought it would.

I remember being in my backyard with an old wooden tennis racket and our stockade fence. I had just watched an incredible Wimbledon Championship Tennis match between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. It was the most incredible match I’d ever seen. I went outside after Borg won the title and there I was, serving for the win in the final set at Wimbledon. I know, I was in my backyard – but I believed I was there – and I believed that I could do it!

I also remember being a kid and playing my sister’s guitar. I would be in the closet playing, but in my mind I was on stage in front of thousands, with TV cameras broadcasting my performance to millions, inspiring them to a better place!

It wasn’t long after that I lost those dreams to other things. One might call them diversions, but I call them life. When we are children, we know what’s right and wrong, we feel the desires in our hearts, and we don’t have the worries or hustle & bustle to take our minds off those things. We have our imagination to keep our dreams alive.

What is your dream?
What is your passion or your mission in life? Go back to those desires of your youth, couple them with what should change in the world, and you’ll come up with it! It might not be a veterinarian, but it might be volunteering at the local animal shelter. It might not be the President, but it might be the leader of your local PTA chapter. And you could find yourself helping transform your world one person at a time, beginning with fulfilling your mission in life!

So just like me you might find your purpose mixed within your childhood passions! I found myself just like Bjorn Borg, winning it all on The Biggest Loser, writing and playing music on the show, and now on an infinite speaking tour around the world with the purpose of awakening the dreams in others! Because, after all, each hardship you’ve endured in life is a stepping stone to the purpose you were created for. The first step is actually choosing to see that it lies within your heart and not somewhere in the distance.

At The Journey Training, we are passionate about helping you find your passion and purpose. The training is centered around bringing those true, innocent memories alive and starting you on a path to your purpose. Let us be a stepping stone for you!

FREE Mini Journey Training

Discover How To Find More Passion and Purpose In Your Life!

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