What One Thing Can You Change?

What One Thing Can You Change?

Looking back at my life, I’ve have had so many “if” moments.

“If I would have just…” or “If only…”  Have you had any of those moments in your life?  Well, regrets are easy to hold on to, but when life seems to be repeating the same results, maybe it’s time to change the game.

When I was young, I seemed to get myself in the same situations over and over again.  I knew those situations were toxic and debilitating, but I kept finding myself in the same situation, always behind and trying to catch up.  One thing I learned in my training was that I often unknowingly make decisions that create my reality. It’s usually true that people find themselves in the same situations because they inherently don’t stop doing what creates that situation.  How do we change that? When it’s time for a change, what should we change?  And how do we know what we do will work?

During The Biggest Loser, I hit a plateau.  I worked out over 40 hours that week and lost only 1 pound.  It scared me, because I knew that the clock was ticking, and each day I didn’t lose weight was a day my competitors could be gaining ground!  So I said to myself, “What one thing can you change now that I haven’t done before?”  I called Jillian Michaels for help, and she said something powerful to me: “Change it up.”

But what do I change?

How do I know it will work?  Well, I would change 1 thing at a time and see if that makes a difference.  Why only 1 thing?  Because if I changed 10 things, how would I know which change worked?  And if nothing happened, how would I know 1 of those changes worked while another sabotaged my success?  So I would change up one thing at a time, and see what happens.  The first thing I did was rest.  Bob Harper always told me, “There’s no time for rest. You can rest after the finale!”  But I knew I was exhausted, and my body was tired, so on the advice of Jillian I took the weekend off and ate 2,500 calories per day to refuel.  Then, I changed up my diet by changing 1 thing and my exercise regime by changing 1 thing.  That week I lost 8 pounds.  IT WORKED!  Those small decisions worked!

Where in your life are you stalled?  Is it in a relationship?  Maybe it’s your finances or health journey?  I have a task for you.  Ask yourself, “What one thing can I do now that I haven’t done before?”  Like a row of dominos that have been lined up and tipped over, removing just 1 domino may stop the fall!  Maybe it’s one thing you need to add like a boundary, a healthy food, or a savings plan?  Maybe it’s one thing you need to take away such as a wall you’ve put up in your relationship, an unhealthy food you eat, or a monthly expenditure?  Just making one small change can affect your outcome greatly.  But you won’t know if you don’t try.  Begin to make small changes and stop looking at the length of the journey you have to go, and you just might travel leaps and bounds in the area you are stuck!  But it is up to you?  Are you willing to do one thing?

That one thing for many people is attending The Journey Training.  Countless people have testified that it has been the one decision that has made the most difference in their lives since attending.  The Journey Training isn’t like a normal seminar, which gives very little lasting change.  It is an experience that will give you tools and discoveries that you will walk with into every area of your life.  The choice is yours, and you do have the right to choose.  Choose YOU, Choose The Journey Training. Sign up today for the next Threshold class at www.thejourneytraining.com

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