Stop It!

Stop It!

Stop-It-2I was watching an old episode of Bob Newhart. This particular episode was hilarious!  A woman came in for a session and began to tell Bob her issues.  She said, “I have this fear of being buried alive in a box. I just start thinking about being buried alive and I just panic…I can’t go through tunnels, get in an elevator, or in a house…Anything boxy.”  Bob replies, “I’m going to say two words to you and I want you to listen to them very, very carefully. Then, I want you to take them out of the office with you and incorporate them into your life. Are you ready? Here they are:  STOP IT!”

Many behaviors, fears and habits that we have  are detrimental to our lives.  If we would  just STOP these things, we could move forward and stop being stuck. Unfortunately, it is not that easy!  If it were, no one would need a therapist, a mentor or a teacher. These people in our lives often tell us what to begin doing to find success and what to stop doing to keep those things from holding us back.  Let’s take a close look.

If you are overweight, the direct cause of being overweight is eating too much. This will cause your waistline to get larger and your weight to get heavier. So just STOP IT, right? It’s that easy! Just STOP eating so much. If you are always broke regardless of how much money you make, the cause of this is usually mismanagement of money. Reckless spending and not budgeting your money will always cause financial chaos! So just STOP IT, right? If you are constantly losing friends because you get angry easily, just STOP IT! If you are paranoid that people are always trying to rip you off, then you never let anyone help you, just STOP IT!

I wish it were that simple but it usually is not. You see, these behaviors, bad habits and fears are only symptoms of a bigger problem. When you constantly try to STOP IT without getting to the core root of why you do it, it is like cutting a weed off at the surface and leaving the roots.  It will always end up growing back.  However, if you find out why you are doing these things and you deal with that issue, then  the behavior will usually end up falling in line! So how do we find these core root issues?

In The Journey training, we help people find these core issues and deep-rooted reasons. We help people figure out  why they sabotage themselves with behaviors, fears and habits.  Sometimes it is something that happened years ago that they cannot even remember. Maybe it is an experience they had years ago that is deeply embedded in their subconscious mind and in turn is running their  lives. You see, when I was on The Biggest Loser at 430 pounds, I did not have an eating problem. I had a thinking problem. Until I found out why I believed the way I believed, I could not change it! I just went on diet after diet, losing weight and putting it back on – until I had lost over 1,000 pounds in about 10 years.  However, the moment I went searching for those roots to dig up, I lost the weight and changed my life for good!  Has it been easy? NO! But has it been worth it! You bet your life! So instead of paying all that money to read another book giving you the 10 steps to changing your life, why not attend The Journey Training and take a real step to experiencing lasting change. What have you got to lose? Well, I had 239 pounds to lose. AND I DID!


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