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Before the Getting, Comes the Giving

Our culture may seem to be consumed by getting. However, giving first has always been and will always be a better approach to life, love, success, and happiness. Giving is a fundamental part of living

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I am HEARING again! By Denise Wikoff

Before I went through The Journey Training I thought I had my life pretty “together”, not perfect by any means but better than a lot of people. I was, of course, in complete denial! I was broken, bruised,

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Giving Gifts

  Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year! A time filled with breaks from school, parties, shopping, pictures with Santa Claus, decorating the tree, hanging the stockings, family get-togethers,

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Give Like Johnny Appleseed

Give like Johnny Appleseed

Things in life are often a matter of perspective. We see this in mentality, actions, beliefs, and just about everything else! We read the bible and, if we take a scripture by itself, might get a perspective

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Giving from the heart, Sacrifice, selfless actions

Giving From The Heart

In the days leading up to Easter we often hear about what people are giving up for Lent, but when Holy Week is over, we tend to fall back into our old lives. Often these things end up being somewhat superficial.

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A Giving Heart

As I get older, I continue to learn more about what the concept of “giving” really means. One significant principle I have come to understand is this: The more my heart loves to give, the more

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