Get More Things Done

Get More Things Done

“The highest performers tend to get the most done.” This may sound obvious, but those who tend to get a lot done do not do so by accident. High performers know how to get more things done.

Have you ever heard yourself saying things like this?

  • “Its faster for me to just do it myself.”
  • “If I do it myself, I don’t have to explain every step.”
  • “They don’t know what they are doing.”
  • They won’t do it right.”

If any of the phrases sound familiar to you, chances are you’re doing far too much yourself and are likely experiencing some levels of frustration. These things can zap your energy and it can be difficult to make any significant progress. If these phrases are familiar to you, I want you to try a few things…

  1. Make a list. Step away from the noise and busyness of your day and your week for a few minutes and really look. What exactly do you need to accomplish? Writing these things out will help you focus on what you really need to get done.
  2. Circle the things on the list that only you can do. If anyone else can do it, don’t circle it.
  3. Think outside yourself. Think about the things that are not circled. Who can accomplish these things instead of you? Write names next to those items.
  4. Hand things off. Contact anyone you wrote on your list and get those items moving without you.

Now your list should be considerably shorter.
If it’s not, I challenge you to stretch yourself and start to give tasks away until there’s nothing left on your list except for the things that only you can do, because when you involve more people, you’ll always be more productive and you’ll always get more things done.

Don’t worry if you still have most of the items on your list. This lesson can take practice. But keep working at it! You can do this!

What are some things you’ve learned about getting things done? What works for you when it comes to delegating?

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