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Trust – It’s Mostly About Me By Rhonda Wise

Trust, a word that I keep coming across a lot in my life lately. I don’t know about you, but when a word seems to reoccur in my life over a period of time, I finally ask myself and God, “Ok, what about

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My Caricature By: Alison Loyd

My school does a huge Art Day in the Spring and it’s amazing! This year we had painters, a potter, a whole cafeteria of activities for the kids, even a bagpiper and Vincent Van Gogh showed up! What

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Grapefruit By Christina Loveless

A friend was opening an essential oil the other day and exclaimed, “It’s like joy in a bottle!” The oil was grapefruit and I really couldn’t agree more. I love grapefruit, it makes me feel like

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Happy People Don't Kill People

Happy People Don’t Kill People

Have you ever met someone who seems to always have things go their way? They just expect a positive outcome and  in turn, they usually get it.  Even when things don’t work out, they don’t fret

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