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How to Avoid a Croissant By Alison Loyd

Some of you will see this title and think, “Why would you want to do that?” Others may find it pretty easy to understand. When you struggle with a food addiction, it’s never easy. Who

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How’s Your Posture? By Alison Loyd

Have you ever noticed how a baby who has learned to sit up sits up so straight? I can remember noticing even as a kid how straight some women sat. To me, it made them even more beautiful. I wish good posture

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Who’s Got Your Back? By Alison Loyd

I was in my bed with a book of prayers. I’d been reading and praying for a while when I realized that I was perfectly relaxed. My pillows were perfectly situated. Supporting my lower back was a cushy,

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How Do You Talk to You?

Have you ever noticed how quickly we can put ourselves down and how brutal we can be with ourselves? We tend to focus on the negative things about ourselves instead of the positive things. Too often, we

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No Longer Drowning! By Christy Kirtley

For most of my life I can remember feeling like I had a black cloud following me around everywhere I would go.  When I became an adult,and had some hard things happen in my life. I went from feeling

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Weight Lifting By: Alison Loyd

Plenty of people have compared the weights we can lift to the weights we carry in life, whether we call them weights, trials, or maybe even chains. This blog will look at how I lift weights a little differently,

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Life Boat

“Man The Life Boats!!!” By Harry Standley

Have you ever seen the movie “Titanic”? I remember the first cruise I ever took. Shortly after the cruise had started everyone had to go on deck to their muster station to watch a demo about the lifeboats.

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Resisting Change

WHEW! You made it through Christmas! You know what comes next. That’s right – it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! That wonderful motivational time of year when we make all kinds of commitments

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Reasons People Resist Change

On the journey of life, resistance to change can exposes itself in many ways, ranging from foot-dragging, to sabotage, to even outright rebellion. Studying universal sources of resistance gives us the

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Reasons are Relative

Sometimes I don’t get it. Why would anyone like to live in Alaska? It’s cold for most of the year, with Grizzly and Polar bears that will eat you alive. I’ll bet the internet connections are troublesome,

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