Champion Moments

Champion Moments

I’ve had some big moments since I attended The Journey Training weekend. Big wins, accomplishments – champion moments as I refer to them now.

Maybe they aren’t “big” in the literal since, but they are those moments when you are in the battle and you have that “ah-ha!” go off in your head. This is the “Ah-ha” that you didn’t know before and the realization that things are different now. You see the situation from a different perspective and are able to walk through it, and knowing the result is going to be good for everyone involved.

Say it out loud right now: “Ah-ha!”

“Ah-ha” is the realization that you have the answer you’ve been looking for!

Say it aloud again: “Ah-ha!” It feels good, doesn’t it? Because the feeling is right and things are aligned.

Rather than share some of the champion moments – my “Ah-ha’s” if you will – I have experienced since the beginning of my journey, I’d like to share my daily attitude and approach that has allowed me to say that beautiful expression.

I am calm because I know I am confident. I take the opportunity to listen to others and sincerely engage because they ARE important and they ARE as deserving of my time as I am theirs. I’m now more transparent because I have nothing to hide from others any longer. I know I do not walk alone anymore because my Journey people walk with me. I live knowing I have a loving group of people that know where I’ve been and what I’ve done – and they don’t judge me for it; they love me regardless and the love is reciprocated through truth.

I observe the people around me and think, “The strengths in you I see are……” as I look at them. I see their strengths as they should too – dedicated, free, passionate, loyal, fierce, honest, a fighter, an advocate and some are shiny pieces of soul candy (or spicy pieces of eye candy, however you take your medicine). When I am around others I don’t let the bad apple be my perception any longer. I love them regardless – because I just “Ah-ha’d” all over them!!

I know other’s time is precious, as is our own. Maybe we go into the bank and spend two minutes with the bank teller, or when we are standing in line at the grocery store we spend two minutes with the other person in line with us. As we carry ourselves through each day, each two minutes add up to a lot of moments; brief moments – maybe a missed champion moment as we now know it to be. Maybe that moment can influence or change the course of that person’s day – or even our own. I know that each champion moment is easy to obtain, whether it be a smile with a, “Hi, how are you doing today?” at the bank, or the gesture of fellowship with a stranger in line, those champion moments awaits us.

The “good” is there within all of us. I’m challenged to remind or show others that they have that “good” in them too. I am flowing with champion moments all day now! Kindness, love, compassion, caring, sincerity, empathy, rationality, confidence, freedom, joyfulness, understanding, thoughtfulness, interjecting, charismatic, empowered, supportive, humble, tenderness, and I’m alive and on fire because of the “Ah-ha!” and my realization that I have the answer! I am the answer, and I say loud and proud, “James lives!”

And with Him and through Him, all things are possible.

Imagine the two minutes as a sip of lemonade, a 20 ounce “Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages Premium Lemonade” preferably, and know that sip is really good, every time. There are a lot of sips in that bottle.

I ask you to stop for two minutes and offer someone a sip. They deserve it. Be sincere and spend those two minutes with that someone that you may or may not ever see again. You may change their life.

All of my Journey people changed mine.



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