Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals

Have you ever noticed that not every person is wired for achieving goals?

Many successful people each year pull away and write out their goals. If I was telling you to do that here is what I would say:

Use the “Lower Level Doofus Method.” Keep it simple – especially if you have not done this before, or if you have done it over and over and it has not worked. At The Journey Training we call this the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and wondering why it does not work. Even Albert Einstein agrees with me on that.

In some cases it is more important that you actually achieve your goal than what the goal itself is.

Make it measurable

Example: I want to lose weight
Well, having a great BM would certainly take care of that, right? However, I am certain that’s not what you’re looking for. So let’s break it down.

Lower Level Doofus Method

  • What? I want to lose 10 lbs.
  • When? over the next 2 month.
  • How? This is where people get crazy. They say “I will walk 1 hour a day every day.” Come on, lets be realistic. You get winded going up the stairs on your back porch, and now you’re saying tomorrow your going to do this? Dumb it down a little…
  • How? Change how I eat.
  • How? Eat healthier.
  • How? Have better food in the house.
  • How? Empty the refrigerator and pantry of all junk food. Here it is! These are the simple goals you should set.

Lets try this again.
My goal is to lose 10 lbs over the next 2 months.

  • Step one. Empty the refrigerator by friday of this week.
  • Step two. Go to the store and get healthy food. (assuming you know what that is)
  • Step three. Cook healthy food.

It looks simple, but many of us make it too complicated. HERE is the secret sauce:

Who is holding you accountable?
You? Seriously, if that is the case, how come you did not hit this goal 5 years ago?

You want to hit your goal? Then shout it, SHOUT IT! SHARE IT! This is why hiring a trainer works. We feel like we have to go see him because were paying him, and then we don’t want to share how we did not hit our goal.

Our number one need is acceptance.
Because of that, we naturally don’t want to share that we are trying something, just in case we don’t hit it. So if you really want to hit your goal, share it. Tell as many people as you can about it. You will find that we will do whatever it takes to not be embarrassed. We will do whatever we need to in order to feel accepted. There is a site called and one of the mentors, Dr. Z, says when it comes to breakfast, be the pig – not the chicken. You see, if you’re having bacon and eggs, the pig is committed, while the chicken is just a participant.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to achieve your goals.

  1. Use the Lower Level Doofus Method on your goals.
  2. Get an accountability partner.
  3. Be the pig, not the chicken.

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