I went to get my oil changed the other day. As I sat in the waiting room I saw another car pull in. A very overweight man got out and seemed to struggle as he made his way inside to sit next to me. I said, “I’m 2000 miles overdue for this oil change!” He answered, “I never wait. That is what makes cars wear out. It’s not the driving; it’s not maintaining it that causes serious problems.” What a true statement!

Then I asked him, “When are you going to start maintaining you?”

He looked shocked, so I thought I had better tell him who I am. He had never watched the Biggest Loser, so I pulled up my before picture on my phone. He gasped. “That’s you? Oh my! How long ago was that?” After telling him that less than 5 years ago I was 460 pounds, a tear formed in his eye. I told him he could make the choice to begin his change today. It won’t happen overnight, but if he doesn’t give up and if he will lose his quit, he will get there, too.

Moments like that make me realize how lucky I am to be alive, and especially to have been given the opportunity of The Biggest Loser. But it starts with maintaining your health day by day; and the great thing is that no matter where you are – with your weight, your debt, your marriage, or your career – you can begin today and actually repair most, if not all, of the damage done! I thank God that I quit smoking in 1996, paid off my gambling debts between 2004 and 2008, and lost 239 pounds in 6.5 months during 2009! If you didn’t know my story you might think I’d always been healthy! In fact, that is what he told me – “I never would have thought you used to be 460 pounds.”

And this is what I told him: “Your car is replaceable. You are not replaceable. Please make a change and give yourself the same care you give your car. You are too important to break down!”

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