The other day I was at the soccer field waiting for my daughter’s game to begin. The teams were still warming up, so I decided to sit in my car for a few minutes to eat my lunch out of the sun. While I ate, I saw another team of 5 year old girls practicing on another field. It was really funny to watch. Wherever the ball went, every player on the field chased it back and forth like an entire school of fish following some bait.

Then I saw something amazing. One of the girls ran to kick the ball, but she missed it completely and fell on her knees. She sat their stunned for a moment and then began to cry. One of the girls from the other team that was nearby stopped to help her up and gave her a hug. Then another girl from the other team did the same thing. It was absolutely adorable. Without realizing it, these girls understood the importance of “sharing the win.”

This little drama made me think about the “games” we play in life. How often do we win, dominating the opposition, and then just walk away, never thinking of the other team. These little girls understood something we seem to have forgotten…

One of the organizations I invest time in is called I did an interview for them where I talked about the law of reciprocity. When I pour myself into other people’s lives, they do the same for me when I need it. I have found that creating win-win situations for people almost always circles back around to me at some point and they end up creating the same for me later.

I started thinking about how often we play a game in life where it could be a win win scenario, but we just “win” and then walk away with only the victory on our mind. Is it possible that there is even a bigger “win” to be had that would make a more lasting impact if we would learn the power of “sharing the win?”

I believe so.

I believe that enlarging our vision to include others can greatly increase what we accomplish each day. What if we decided ahead of time that sharing the win would be our goal whenever possible? The difference it makes not only in the situation, but also in other people can change far more in the world than if we chose to focus solely on ourselves.

I don’t think that everyone deserves a trophy for everything. That’s not always productive. However, is there a time during your day that you AND someone else can BOTH win? With a little effort and attention, I bet you can make it happen.

What can you do today that will help someone else experience a win? I challenge you to start “sharing the win!”

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