Start where you are.

Have you ever been looking for that ‘perfect opportunity?’ Well, guess what? It will never happen. The opportunities to serve are the ones you will choose to engage in. YOU, will make them happen.

Don’t complicate it. Here are things that will NOT happen:

  • You will never have enough money to do it right.
  • You will never have enough time to do it right.
  • You will never have the right weather to do it right.
  • It will never be in the right place for you to do it right.

Face the facts… It will never be the perfect opportunity.

Use what you have.

In the book of Judges in the Bible, Samson slays 1000 Philistines. If he spent a lot of time looking for the perfect weapon to slay 1000 people, we may still be waiting on him today. He used what he had. What he had was the jawbone of a donkey.

Use what you have when serving. If all you can do is open a door, do it.

  • If you can let that person pull in front of you, do it.
  • If you can volunteer in the children’s department 1 weekend a month, do it.
  • If you can, give a homeless person $1, do it.
  • If you see a turtle crossing the road, pull over and move it.

Do what you can.

If for some reason you think these things don’t matter, think about it:

  • That person you held the door for may have their hands full.
  • The person you let pull in front of you may be late for their first date, and it could impact the rest of their life.
  • That child you loved on could come from a broken home and that’s the most love they had in a while.
  • That $1 you gave to a homeless person could be the difference on they getting a meal or not.
  • Moving the turtle could actually save its life…

Small gestures can have BIG results, but if you do not put it into practice you will never make something happen. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. It will make a difference.

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