In past blogs I’ve talked about the “programs” that run us.  Most of the decisions that we make are made by our beliefs – or the programming of our beliefs from our experiences.  These “Life Programs” can be good, and they can also be devastating! It all depends on what we want in life.


Good programs might be the confidence built in us by our parents or teachers that leads us to believe we will succeed before we even begin!  Some people automatically think anything they try is possible if they only put their mind to it.  Others lack that confidence and in turn believe the odds are against them before they even begin a challenge.

 “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”  – Henry Ford

The question becomes how do we change those beliefs that work against us in life?  If you lack confidence, how do you gain confidence?  If you continually sabotage your relationships by becoming impatient and snapping at people, how do you stop those behaviors? We all have beliefs and behaviors in our lives that need to be reprogrammed. So how do you go about reprogramming your life?


  • Well, to change our beliefs, we must first change our thinking.  If you lack confidence, your ability to find it begins with your own words. Let’s try something. I want you to begin counting in your head from 10 to 1 backwards, and when you get half way done, speak something out of your mouth.  Ready: GO!

What happened to the counting when you spoke? It stopped.  You see, it is very hard to think on one thing while saying something out loud.  Your thoughts gravitate to that action of speaking. This is how we can reprogram our lives.

  • If you lack confidence, you must begin to tell yourself you are confident. I know; at first you won’t believe it.  But in time, with continual practice, you eventually will begin to see it – at first just a little, and later even more!  If you snap at people because you are impatient, begin telling yourself that you are patient.  Speak out what you want and you cannot think on something else! Remember the train that “thought he could?” “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”  That makes sense now, doesn’t it?


  • Find those beliefs that are holding you back, sabotaging your success, or making your relationships hard.  Write down on a piece of paper what you need to be instead of those things.  If you aren’t confident, write “I am confident.”  If you aren’t patient, write “I am patient.”  If you aren’t strong, write “I am strong.”  Yes, you can have more than one.  Take two or three.
  • Write them down and read them every morning when you get up, before you walk into a meeting, or before you get home to your family – whenever you need those things – just speak them out of your mouth. It’s good to do this while looking into your eyes in the mirror.  At first this will be awkward, but soon you’ll begin to believe it!

Before I went to The Biggest Loser, I would tell myself, “I am a joyful and passionate man!” At that time in my life I had lost all joy and passion.  I needed that again!  I began to believe it, and I found the joy, and then I surely found the passion!  Now I need focus, so I tell myself “I am a joyful, passionate and focused man!”  Soon, my beliefs will change.  And so will yours!

In The Journey Training, we see people enter the training every month believing wrong things about their lives.  These beliefs may have been programmed by the words of others, or even their own words about themselves. By the time these people finish their training, you can see a complete difference in the way they look, walk and carry themselves. Some look physically different, while some just can’t stop smiling – and they are believing different things about themselves, too!

When will you reach for what you want – when will you begin reprogramming your life?  Just remember these three simple steps.

  • Know your life programming
  • Change your thinking
  • Make an agreement with yourself

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