For years I’ve heard, “Don’t read into that” or “Don’t take it personal.” Ugh! How can I not take it personal? You’re saying it to ME about me! Let me give you some examples.

I’m told “I don’t know if it is worth it to drive back
Meaning: I’m trying to figure out my timing.
My interpretation: Alison’s not worth seeing.
Reality: He did drive back to spend time with me!

Someone doesn’t “react” or comment on something I post on Facebook.
Meaning: There could be lots of reasons.

My interpretations: a) It’s not good, b) they’re tired of me, c) the list goes on, and on, and on.
Reality: a) They just didn’t see it, b) They love me anyway, c) They have their own stuff going on, d) It meant something to others.

Guy flirts a little, gets my number, and talks to me.
Meaning: He’s just super friendly.
My interpretation: What does this mean? Is there something there?!!!!
Reality: Mr. Right won’t leave me wondering!

The Journey Training provided me with a tool so incredibly helpful and freeing about these moments. I learned about these tapes, these programs that we all play, in response to what’s going on around us. They may be based on something from our past or something else altogether. Acknowledging them as the stories we are making up is the first big step to overcoming them.

I received a text from a friend about some messages she was receiving. She was fretting over their meaning. I told her not to read into it. As soon as I caught myself saying that, I thought, “Wow! It’s like looking into a mirror.”

That’s the thing about these tapes and programs. Sometimes we need someone with another perspective to show us the light!

If you find yourself reading too much meaning into things or the idea of tapes and programs resonates with you, I really encourage you to check out the next Threshold class through The Journey Training! A new perspective and freedom await!