Keith and Arthur“It’s like I’m speaking dog.”
~Keith Boyd

Do you ever feel like you are just sitting still?

Do you feel like you NEVER get the opportunities you want? Or that things always happen for other people but not for you?

Right now I am working on a project.  I am working with Keith Boyd.  You see, Keith wanted to have the biggest lemonade stand in Tulsa, and for the last 2 summers he has run a lemonade stand, giving a portion of the money to The Little Light House. Instead of sitting there and watching the world go by, he took action.  He knew what he wanted and he took steps to get it.  And he didn’t give up when he hit roadblocks. At first, his idea to raise money was for his family to put on a play. Keith envisioned renting out the Bank of Oklahoma Center for hundreds of people coming to see the fundraiser show.  Although Keith’s dreams for the fundraiser were big, he was told he needed to figure out a different way.   So he did.  He didn’t give up.

He went back to the drawing board and settled on a lemonade stand.

There are some fascinating statistics on this:

  • 44% of people give up after one “no”
  • 22% give up after two “nos”
  • 14% give up after three “nos”
  • 12% give up after four “nos”

Keith performed better than 44% of most people.

Two years later Keith joined with me to create the largest stand in Tulsa.  Actually, it is 10 separate stands and we certainly move the most lemonade through it. Keith reached his goal.

Keith worked hard, didn’t quit, and out-performed 44% of people. That on its own is impressive, but let me tell you a little more about Keith.

Keith is 10 years old.
Keith has cerebral palsy.
Keith cannot use his hands.
Keith cannot use his feet.
Keith cannot speak.

He uses his eyes to communicate. He told me once when he is communicating without his computer, it takes him about 10 times on average to communicate the message he wants to get out.  He says “It’s like I am speaking dog, and they do not speak dog! But its ok, I know it’s frustrating to them as well.”

If you want to reach your dreams in life, don’t give up.  Don’t be afraid to try again when you hit a roadblock.  If you try it 5 times or more, you will be in the top 8% of achievers.  Don’t give up! Keep on going!  Dreams are yours to reach out and grab.  And when you’re feeling discouraged and tempted to quit, just look at Keith.

To learn more about Keith and what he is doing click here.



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