When my husband and I were still dating, he asked me to make him deviled eggs because he was feeling homesick and it was one of the things his family always had at holidays. That turned into a discussion about how different deviled eggs were between my family and his family. His family made them sweet, which was odd to me because my family made them spicy. So I told him that I would boil the eggs for him, but he would have to prepare the filling for them because I didn’t know what ingredients were in the recipe he was craving.

He then proceeded to tell me how difficult it is to peel boiled eggs. I never had an issue with peeling hard boiled eggs before, so when he said that I just kind of smiled and nodded, not knowing what he was talking about. He went into an explanation of the thermodynamics of an egg and how it would shrink away from its shell when it went from cold to hot, which is why he learned to boil the water and then drop the eggs in. This is the very same method I had always used, so I really didn’t have anything to add.

I filled up the pot with water, started it to boil, lowered the eggs in and let them cook. When it was time to drain the eggs, I was wondering why he thought it was difficult. And guess what? Peeling the eggs was hard! I let his assessment of the difficulty of the task get in my head and that doubt caused me to have difficulty as well.

I recently went through a class in The Journey Training called Launch. This class showed me just how much I was letting other people’s perceptions color my own. I was able to let go of that self-limiting belief and do things I always wanted to do, but felt I couldn’t. I stayed present in each moment and focused only on what I was doing while I was doing it. I didn’t let anyone else’s struggles define my own. I climbed to the top of a 50-foot pole, when no one else did, and jumped off and grabbed a trapeze. I didn’t let the fact that no one else had been able to do it hold me back from giving it my 100%.

I learned that each of us have different capabilities and no one gets to define them but ourselves. Since going through The Journey Training and Launch especially, I feel empowered and ready to take on the challenges in my life. I have found my inner strength and the voices of doubt have lost their hold on me. I am a powerful, worthy and precious diamond!

If you have ever questioned your abilities or wonder what else life has to offer, I really encourage you to go through The Journey Training. It’s a choice you won’t regret!