I was asked what I do when I get stuck, and it has taken me a few days to really think about it.

I am very fortunate; I have an internal drive that many do not have.  I wish it was as easy as that, but there is more.  My mission is to Teach, Inspire and Serve.  

When I am operating within my mission, it keeps me going.

  • How can I teach when I do not know?

              Being stuck does not allow me to learn.

  • How can I inspire when I am stuck in a hole?

             I need to keep pushing forward. 

  • How can I serve when I am stuck?

            Look at it this way; if you were a waiter, could you serve the table if you are sitting in your chair?  

As a leader, it is my role to set the example for others; getting stuck is not what I choose to do. WAIT, unfortunately sometimes it does, so what do I do?

  1. I surround myself with people that energize me.  

I am not looking for those who are in a pity party; otherwise I will end up in the pit with them. If you put a crab in a bucket and it can climb out of that bucket, it will climb out. But if you put two crabs in the bucket, when one of the crabs tries to climb out, the other will pull it back in. Neither will ever escape. It doesn’t matter that it’s possible to escape, the crabs will hold each other back from doing so, that’s why its important to choose driven and like-minded people to be in the bucket with you. Thrive15.com is an “edutainment” company created to help you succeed; I choose to be surrounded by mentors that help me stay driven.   I enjoy being around those that encourage me to be a better version of me.  The Journey Training allows me to be around people that encourage me to pause in my life and take action on things I may be putting off.

  1. Listen to music that uplifts me.

There are certain kinds of music that uplifts our spirit, others that supports our misery.  I choose uplifting.  I also listen to soundtracks from movies. I think and you think of happy things, it changes your mood.

  1. I go for a walk

When you exercise it releases endorphins, and it puts you in a better mood.  I was recently on a walk, and irritated by my own decisions. I came across this HUGEMOUNGOUS, UGLY spider.  It was eating its own web.  I sat there for 30 minutes. No radio, no TV, no distractions other than the occasional bird, or dog barking, and watched it.  It was almost like the spider was taking up the webbing that it had made, and put in the wrong place and was eating it.  I read later that spiders do that to get back the energy and protein it needs.  It helped me realize that some of the decisions I made may have been wrong, but I can learn from them, and they can make me stronger.

The solution here is when you get stuck, get moving!  Take action!  Hiding, going to bed, addictions, watching TV, all of these are easy ways to stay in your rut, in fact they are ways to continue to stay stuck.

When you are ready to make a change, you will take action.  This is one of the many reasons I am a HUGE supporter of The Journey Training.  You want to get unstuck, go thru this training.  I will guarantee this will help you.  Why?  Because you are taking action, taking a step.

Being stuck is a just that – stuck!  Want to be Unstuck?  Get UNSTUCK!

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