Getting from one point to another usually isn’t that hard. We usually make it hard.  Most of the time it doesn’t look the same for everyone, with steps that can be very different. We are all at different places in our lives, and throwing a personal development training into our budget of finances and time can create a little chaos…if we allow it to.  How are you getting from Point A to Point B?

When we have something that isn’t planned suddenly appear, our first reaction can be, “I can’t do it.” Why do we think that? I say it is the easy way to think; it’s our comfort zone – all warm and fuzzy – and we like it there. After all, the easiest way to deal with a problem is to forget about the problem, right?

If we look at it from an abundance mindset, or one of growth, we can begin to see it differently.  If you went through Threshold, you can clearly see the impact the training has had on your life. And unlike other trainings, you’ll remember this one for years to come. You may ask, “How can we have our cake and eat it too?” Well, all of these are examples from true stories of people from The Journey Training and how they went from A to B. Use this as a guide – a template – to start the juices flowing for figuring out how to make this happen for you.
Have you ever had a situation where you were doing all the work while someone else was just sitting off to the side, not doing their fair share making you frustrated?  I have.  It is in our nature as humans to want to help others. At the same time, we don’t want to be taken advantage of.  I know for me, when someone is in need of finances, and they are willing to make an effort to do something, I will jump in and want to help them. On the flip side, if they are not willing to make an effort, I can lose the desire to help.  Here are some ideas that we’ve seen from people who got off their ask and made some efforts, and it served them well.


  • It snowed, and we walked the neighborhood asking if we could shovel their walk, for a donation so we could go to The Journey.
  • When it snowed, I used my suburban to pull people out of ditches, and they gave me money toward The Journey Training.
  • I posted on social media that I would be willing to babysit for anyone if they wanted to go on a date.
  • I offered to clean houses to make some money to go toward my next Journey class, and I achieved my goal! AND was able to do a little after that helped me supplement my income.
  • I sewed a quilt, and auctioned it off to TJT alumni.
  • I did a bike marathon, and set it up as a fundraiser, and I asked people to sponsor me per mile I rode the bike.
  • Went to Sam’s Club and bought some beef jerky and candy bars, then I sold it at work as a fundraiser to come back to The Journey.
  • We gave plasma. It gave us time together, and gave us some extra cash to make this happen. (I just got a message from someone that you can earn up to $400 your first month giving plasma by doing it 2x per week)
  • I Gave Blood.
  • I offered to mow anyone’s grass to make money to go to Crossroads, and I did it!
  • Once we had 2 girls in one class that were massage therapists. They had a dinner and everyone came over. They gave 30 min massages to everyone for donations.
  • I offered to do miscellaneous stuff, so I hung helped hang Christmas lights.
  • Sign up with Uber and become a Taxi in your spare time.
  • I had a fundraiser dinner, where I cooked all the food, and people from the alumni group paid to come have dinner.
  • People have sold Chick-fil-A calendars as a fundraiser.  (This is an option from Aug-Dec only)
  • Selling miscellaneous things on EBay, Craigslist, or even to a Pawn Shop – DISCLOSURE: we are not telling you to go sell all your stuff to go thru TJT! We are encouraging you to think differently, with an open mind, on ways to raise funds if you need them.
  • Trainees have organized Garage Sales to raise money to go, or to help those in their class go.


Or perhaps you could make the difference by cutting back. (Oh my goodness, he said it.)  We want what we want when we want it, right?  Well sometimes hitting our goals makes things look a little different.  Saying NO to something, even just for a little while, can be a healthy practice and a way to raise needed funds to get back to Crossroads. No does not have to mean no forever. Ask yourself, “Could I be spending money foolishly?  Can I cut back on anything? Decrease my spending?” Here are some examples of cutting back:


  • “I would get Starbucks or a Chick-fil-A tea every day on my way to work. By cutting this out for a time, it saved me $60 per month that I could put towards my training.
  • “I called my cable provider. I asked them how I could lower my cost, and that if I didn’t, I’d have to stop using them altogether. Guess what? THEY CUT MY COST $19 A MONTH!”
  • “We cut back on our eating out, and with just 3 extra meals at home we saved $40 per month!”


Every one of us has Talents and Gifts that God intends us to use.  What are yours? Is there anything you can offer to people to raise funds.


  • People have made T-Shirts with Journey things on it for their class and other alumni to buy.
  • People have made wall hanging art – one said “Life is better on the Boat!” – and sold it to alumni
  • People have made stained glass items and sold them to people.
  • People have sold custom-made cookies for events.
  • People have prepared pans of Lasagna for alumni to buy so they’d have a pre-made dinner for their family.
  • Someone created Hair Bows and sold them to people.
  • Someone created custom coasters for people using pictures for fundraising.
  • Someone did a phot shoot for funds for their next training.


When we are making efforts to hit our goals, others can be encouraged by this. They may even want to jump in to help!  Unfortunately, there are those who don’t make the effort and end up not reaching their goals – which is going victim to their circumstances. Look at all these ideas. Maybe it’s time to set your pride aside, and think about what you can do to invest in yourself!


And if you’ve already finished your trainings, there is a Class 3 called LAUNCH that is about to begin, so maybe you need to save up for that! And maybe you’d save someone’s life by doing these things again and sponsoring someone you love to fill your seat in The Journey Training.

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