I can be extremely self-conscious about my abilities from time to time. I am considered “the crazy guy,” the out of the box thinker. I travel all over the country speaking about crazy ideas and ventures. I even mentor others on building their own road to success. You might picture me as this courageous guy with nerves of steel, right? Wrong! I still get nervous before speaking engagements, but I do them.  I recently wrote another book but what will others think of my writing?


There are stories going off in my head right now. They are very real….to me.

  • I wrote this book to brag about my knowledge
  • I am working to promote me, not my book.
  • Who am I to be giving “tips” to others?

The list goes on and on, and I know that I am not the only one that lives with doubts like this every day!! 


What am I going to do with these criticisms swirling in my head?

  • Are these thoughts really true about me?
  • Do I believe these things about myself?
  • Regardless of what other people think, is what I am doing supporting my purpose and mission?

Once you have worked through those questions you will know better how to work through criticisms that you are dealing with.

Are any of these criticisms true about myself? Courage is not the absence of fear, it is having the fear and pushing through it.  I choose to focus on my mission and push ahead.

I wrote this book to pass on that knowledge. I have been honored to co-author the book with a talented friend of mine. Bryan Smith and I are very proud of this book. Breaking Conformity is our first professional book about business. This book will help new and seasoned professionals.  I have acquired so much knowledge and have learned valuable lessons from those before me, including brilliant individuals who have mentored me. It is important to share information and pass on that great knowledge to others.

Breaking Conformity will help new emerging leaders as well as veteran ones to look at business myths that plague us. It will give the rest of the story, which will help in overcoming any hurdle quickly, making the length of time to success even quicker.

As this book prepares to launch I am filled with anxiety, nervousness and fear but also pride and excitement to share this with others. I am pushing through the fear and choosing courage. How will you push through the fear today, this week, this month? Choose courage!


*Breaking Conformity is available on Amazon.com on October 19th 2015. Help us to help others by purchasing our book. Help us become #1 best sellers on Amazon!



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