I was just talking to an old friend of mine. He is severely overweight and, in fact, was one of the people I asked to try out with me for The Biggest Loser season 7. He found one excuse after another why he couldn’t do it. But in today’s conversation, he asked me to help him and a friend with a music project. I told him possibly I could do something in the future, but right now I’m working on too many projects. There is just no time right now.

We then started talking briefly about John Lennon’s song ‘Beautiful Boy,’ that says “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” He stated that he left his college to become a truck driver and now, 12 years later, he’s still on a truck with no college degree and hundreds of pounds heavier than when he started. Boy, do I know that story! I kept telling myself, “I’ll start Monday” or “My new year’s resolution will be to get healthy” or “Next year when I’m out of debt, I’ll join a gym and lose this weight!” Well, 15 years went by, and I was heavier each year until I was almost 460 pounds! I made plans and promises, and life happened.

Well, I then told him it was not too late…it is NEVER too late! I said, “I was 430 pounds when I left for The Biggest Loser, and I finished at 191 pounds in just under 7 months. In 7 months I righted the wrongs I had been doing to myself all those years. Not by regretting never starting, but by starting now!” I now realize that you CANNOT do anything about what you have done in the past, but you CAN do something about what you do from this point forward.

I couldn’t control the last 15 years of my life anymore. I had the fruits of all those lost dreams and unmade decisions, but I COULD begin right now and start to right the ship. If a ship could make a hairpin turn, the Titanic would have never happened. The fact is, first you turn the wheel, and then the ship starts to turn slowly. It takes time, and consistency, but if you keep that wheel turned, the ship will eventually turn a 180 degree turn and move in the direction you want it to.

I can only hope that he heard me. What I mean is that “Those who have ears to hear, let them hear” means is that some are not ready or open to hear what is being said. Best case scenario? –That a month from now I find out that he has turned the wheel and has lost some weight, begun the process of getting off that truck that he doesn’t want to be on, and gets himself back into his life. We will see, but one can only hope.

If you are reading this and need to make that change…whether it be stopping a habit, starting a good habit, making that “shift” you need to make, or whatever the case…that you will grip the wheel RIGHT NOW, and start to right the ship. Just turn it and trust the process. Lose your quit and the ship will turn, but the decision is up to you. Yes or no, it is up to you. I promise you though, once the decision is truly ‘YES,’ anything is possible…and I mean ANYTHING! www.loseyourquit.com

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