Yesterday I heard something that really made me think. Van Crouch, an incredible speaker, told me that the first thing I needed to possibly do is to “clarify.”

Revisiting your “mission” in life and the “reasons” for doing something is a must. Doing this helps us clarify why we are doing what we are doing. Often, we get sidetracked and forget why we strive for something in the first place! With years between me and my “Biggest Loser” win, I have had to revisit my reasons, or mission for my life. I have had to realize that it is NOT about me. It is about others! This is “WHY” I must stay healthy, “WHY” I must not waiver, “WHY” I must realize that although while on the Biggest Loser is was about me, now it is not.

My new “WHY” is not to become a stumbling block for the millions of people I have been blessed to inspire to better their lives…to continue to motivate people and make them realize that they have NO limits…that I broke THROUGH my barrier so that OTHERS could rise to their best.

What is your “WHY” and might it have changed since you started? Have you lost that initial FIRE that got you off the couch and into the game? Maybe you need to CLARIFY your WHY. Spend the next few weeks CLARIFYING WHY we need to finish what we started!

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