In the Journey Training, I often use the phrase “choose and move.”  I love this statement, and so I use this all the time.  When I am driving, if you’re a passenger in my car, you would possibly hear me yell, “C’mon buddy, choose and move!” How about when this happens at the mall?  It is December at the mall, walking down the corridor, hundreds of people around me. Everything is moving along at a good pace, kind of like a herd of cattle, until someone stops right in front of you. You come to a screeching halt to avoid running into them, and then everyone behind you is doing the same. Not choosing and moving caused a 9 person holiday pileup.

Even if I don’t know exactly what to do, I choose and move.  I may not have all the facts, but I will make a choice and act on it.  Sometimes I will move without all the facts, and it ends up messing things up, and other times I may wait, producing an outcome that is not what I wanted.

I have 6 kids, and one thing I have learned is when to tell your kid is sick.  I remember my son Casey once came in to me, about 18 months old and had a certain look. As a parent, you just know! I knew what this look was, but I knelt down and started trying to over-analyze it. He was whining, and kind of crying. “How are you feeling Casey, does your head hurt?”

“No”, he whined. I had him breathe in and out, then I put my hand on his stomach, and I felt it turn…HOLY POOPY! I knew what was about to happen.

I yelled “NOELL,” grabbed Casey, threw him on my shoulder and bolted to the bathroom, which was on the other side of the house.  We made it half way there before he exploded, puking everywhere; since we were running to the bathroom it was like crop dusting.  I got him to the toilet, and we got him all situated.  Then, once the adrenaline stopped, I assessed the situation.  He started throwing up down the hall, so it was at head height on the west side wall, for about 17 feet. When we tried to set him down by the toilet, in the adjustment, he belched out another, and that took care of most of the restroom. It was in my ear, on my glasses, and right into my mouth. By the time Noell got there, I looked like I just got out of battle, and stood in my suit, dripping, spitting, and wiping  whatever Casey had for breakfast and lunch off my glasses.

If I hadn’t made a choice and moved, the situation could have been significantly worse.

When I know I need to move on something, here is why I am passionate:

  1. The window of opportunity may not be open long.
  2. I may lose the passion if I delay
  3. Once I get it done, I can move on to other things.

What do you need to move on today? 

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