Bricks.  We put them in place, seal them with our agreement, and reach for the next one.  No one else puts them in our wall, for it is our wall alone.  What wall, you ask?  It’s the wall that we put in front of us to keep us from being successful.

“Not me!” you exclaim. “I only want to be successful, and I’m going for it!”  Well, why haven’t you?  Wait. What’s that I see?  A brick of insecurity?  “What if I get this promotion and people don’t treat me the same?”  And that brick of fear… “I can’t step out towards my dream because I might fail.”  What about that brick of self-loathing?  “I’ve never done anything successfully, and this probably won’t work either.”  The brick options are infinite, but they all serve a purpose: keeping us where we are right now – or even moving us backwards!

We all have bricks, and we all have choices to make with those bricks.  When we build a wall in front of us, we are justified in staying “stuck.”  After all, everyone around should be able to see that we CAN’T move forward – there’s a wall.  It’s not my fault.  It’s not my responsibility.  It’s a wall, and walls are meant to hold people away.

Truly, others around you can see that you are hiding behind fears and insecurities.  It shows on your face, and often, what you say reveals how much you have penned yourself in.  Others would love to help you, but they can’t tear down your wall.  Only you can do that. Because it’s your wall.

Isn’t it time to tear at least one of those bricks away?  You can, you know.  That brick of being afraid to fail is one of the most common and can be found in almost every person’s life.  But it doesn’t have to hold you back.  It doesn’t have to stay in your wall.  You can tear it down, but you need the tools to do so.   The Journey Training will give you the tools and teach you how to use them.  Take a step toward your dreams.  Bring the wall with you when you come to The Journey Training and learn how to tear it down!

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