Guide Information

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Do You Want To Be A Guide?

Being a Guide is a serious commitment to give back to others through your service. You will be required to commit for both weekends with the class from Friday morning through Sunday evening. You will not be allowed to leave the training for any reason during the weekend other than a family emergency. There are also some small fees associated. Further details are listed below.

If you are interested in serving others and giving back as someone gave for you, here’s what you need to do.

1.       Complete Threshold and Crossroads training weekends

2.       “Fill Your Seat” – Sponsor at least one person to attend the training

3.       Write a letter to The Journey Training (attached in an email to The letter must include the following:

a.       A description of the things you learned about yourself from the training

b.      How your life has been changed by the training

c.       Why you want to give back to others through this service


*Please note – completing the steps above and volunteering does not guarantee your selection as a Guide. It simply means that you will be added to our Volunteer list for possible selection at some point.