Zig Ziglar, the infamous motivational speaker said “Motivation is like bathing, you cant do it just once.”  Although our classes are experiential in nature, and happen at a moment in time, the concept of what you learned stand true.  You may be at a different place in life now or maybe you have not been pausing your life long enough to look at what you want to do and need to refresh your perspectives.

We are now set up to support you if you want to go through any of your training again.  You can go through one class, or both.  This is your training, and it is totally up to you. 

The cost to go through again is:

Threshold $299

Crossroad  $349

In order to do this, you will need to register just like normal, and we will give you a discount code to make this happen.  Please e-mail us at and we will get you what you need.  

Once you have your discount code, just click the class to sign up.  Its that easy!

Please note: You must have already gone through Threshold and Crossroads to attend the “Refreshers” class.