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Noell Greeno

Co-founder, Co-creator

Facilitator of The Journey Training. She has a passion for helping people find freedom from whatever is keeping them from being who they are created to be. She currently serves on the board for The Little Lighthouse, a tuition free Christian developmental center, serving children with special needs. As a mother of 6, she is a Girl Scout leader, PTA board member, taxi driver, mediator, and comforter. Her family inspired her passion and her dream, which ultimately resulted in the collaboration and creation of The Journey Training.

Noell was born in Bryan, Texas and after moving to several states, settled in Tulsa, OK when she was 14 years old, the year she met her best friend, Arthur. Noell has been married to Arthur, for 21 years and they have 4 amazing sons and 2 beautiful daughters. She met Arthur in youth group at her church where she later served as a youth leader, a choir member, and on the worship team. She is blessed to have been able to stay home with her children since they were born and says it is the hardest job she will ever love!


Owner and CEO WPC Healthcare

Chris is currently an owner and Chief Operating Officer of WPC Healthcare, a technology solutions company located in Nashville TN. The company’s clients include the largest health systems in the U.S. down to community hospitals and regional insurance companies across the country. Chris retired from the United States Air Force, in 2003 after 20 years of service as a Hospital Administrator. He is also a co-founder, co-creator and Facilitator of The Journey Training.

Chris grew up in northern Ohio playing sports, camping and hiking in the Boy Scouts, and playing drums in the band. He also met the love of his life, Lisa, in high school. They have been married for 31 years and have two beautiful and talented daughters.

Chris’s relationship with God and his family are his highest priorities. His greatest passion in life is helping other people become who they were created to be!


Home Stager and Interior Decorator

Lisa is self-employed as an accredited Home Stager and Interior Decorator. She grew up taking private art lessons where she discovered at an early age that being creative brought her joy. Lisa is also a co-founder, co-creator and Facilitator of The Journey Training.

Lisa married her best friend and high school sweetheart, Chris, just two weeks before he entered the U.S. Air Force. They spent 20 years having countless adventures while living all over the country and Germany. She was a stay at home Mom while raising their two beautiful daughters, her greatest loves.

Lisa finds contentment in creating beauty around her and fulfillment in serving others on their journey of self-discovery, faith and healing

Arthur Greeno

 is the owner/operator of two Chick-fil-A restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Arthur graduated from ORU in 1992 with a degree in Commercial Art, where he is also on the Alumni Board. He also serves on the Little Light House Board, and he is on the prestigious Chick-fil-A innovations team. Arthur has been awarded several honors such as The Symbol of Success Award from Chick-fil-A, The Little Light House Outstanding Service award among many others. He also holds two Guinness World Records from 2008 and 2010.

Arthur and his wife Noell have been married twenty one years and have six children. Arthur is the published author of “Dysfunctional Inspiration.” Arthur is also an accomplished speaker and has been requested all over the country to teach on marketing, customer service and leadership.

Debbie Veit wears many hats in her day to day life including wife, mother, sister, daughter, board member, consummate volunteer, and homeschool mom just to name a few.  Her heart for others (kids and adults alike) drives much of where she invests her time.  Whether it is instilling knowledge and morals in her children, helping adults identify their passions, or working to assure children have a safe and fun experience, she jumps in to the activity with both feet.

Debbie was born and grew up in Moore, OK and lived as a city girl there until she and Ron, her husband of nearly 22 years, met, had a whirlwind romance, got married, and moved to Tulsa, OK.   Mother to two knights and one princess, she balances home life and volunteering.  Since moving to Tulsa, they joined a local church and began investing time in the children’s ministry department.  Other volunteer activities followed over the years have included serving on the La Fortune Park council and The Journey Training Advisory Board, in various roles on homeschool association boards, and serving disadvantaged youth at On The Rock Ministries.  Debbie’s true passion for helping people of all ages realize their true value and self worth drives her involvement in all of these organizations. Most importantly, Debbie and Ron’s kids have all learned from her example and volunteer in many of the same organizations and are learning how to see the heart of the people they serve.

Debbie Veit

Debbie and family moved to the country in 2012 and she is continues to learn how to enjoy the new experiences of living in the country such as having multiple dogs, cats, laying hens, and a goose named Chicken.